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Why? For some people, that is the big question. Why create a list of links like this? After all, it is so old school, and text-heavy that it doesn’t really catch the eye like a nice, snappy, graphic-heavy page would. There are even tools that could automate the process, so – ultimately – why do it this way?

vector navigationI agree – if you are a picture person, this kind of page doesn’t catch or hold the eye. It isn’t meant to be anything more than what it is – a way of connecting a reader and a writer, in what I hope becomes a personal way. It does that one thing – that which it was meant to do – and it seems to do it very well. Nance Rosback picked up on it in one of her comments on last week’s edition of the Shortcuts. You and I are already a part of the blogging community, so I am not really creating anything new by assembling the list. Rather, I’m trying to facilitate connection between other members of the body, reaching across the aisles of traditions and rituals and denominational boundaries so that we may all see Christ in different ways – through the eyes of our neighbors here in Cyberia. Treat these as you might good conversation starters – which is how I see them. As to automating the process? Surely, you jest – I delight in reading, and passing on what I’ve read so that others might be stimulated to think or feel differently. No robot app will ever be able to do my thinking or my feeling for me.

The other posts that are a part of the famous Internet Book Club are highlighted in moccasin, while new blogs on the list are highlighted in Medium Spring Green – welcome Ann, Dan, Don, L.L. (via Jane), Jamie, and Sharon to the mix, everyone. Yellow is, of course, a news site of some sort – not a regular addition.

Without further ado, the nominees are:

  • A Holy Experience | The Real Truth About Really Having it All – A mother fills, only to empty, and empty, and empty, which fills her full again, and isn’t this giving away the way to have it all?
  • A Joyful Noise | Don’t Volunteer ME – “I will come this time, but please in the future never volunteer me to do anything.”
  • Ann Kroeker. Writer. | Food on Fridays: The Poetry of Potatoes – When my mom asks me to wash the dishes, I’ll say I’m too tired.
  • A Parched Soul | Sometimes I Wonder How Much I Love God… – And I’m ashamed to say that much of the time that leaves little room in my mind for God.
  • Beyond The Sinner’s Prayer | Bible Study: When You You Feel Like Giving Up – Why do you think God doesn’t perform a miracle and help you achieve this goal instantly?
  • Billy Coffey | Kicking and Screaming – Kicking and screaming, my friend said. That’s how he wanted to go. He’d made up his mind about that. Maybe I should make up my mind about that, too.
  • Cerulean Sanctum | A Love That Will Not Let You Go – I don’t know what you may be facing, or how much pain you may be in, but there is a Love that will not let you go, Jesus.
  • Chronicles of Grace | The Eyes of an Artist – Because her mama was her best friend in all the ways that mattered. Continued at BibleDude.Net
  • Connecting To Impact | 3 Benefits of Finding Your Rhythm – You don’t want to flail through life at breakneck speeds, staying busy. You want to finish the race with confidence.
  • Connecting To Impact | Theology, Up in Flames – It’s not all flowers and rainbows as you go through the fire.
  • Cycleguy’s Spin | Examination – You see, I didn’t do very well on tests.   I could understand things in class.
  • Dan Black On Leadership | Wisdom from the Wisest Person who ever Lived (Pt. 1) – Countless life and leadership lessons can be learned from King Solomon’s writings found in the book of Proverbs.
  • Dan Erickson | crushed: reflections on tragic events – There is a great metaphorical message in the 9/11 memorial: the tears will always fall, and the wounds are deep, too deep, perhaps, to ever completely heal.  Reflecting on my own loss, I understood.
  • Deuceology | Is Your Ax Sharp? – Do we really do the things that need to be done so that we will be able to what needs to be done?
  • Devoted Conversations | Emotions: The Beautiful Ornament of Our Lives – Joy is not stoic. Passion is not without expressed emotion. Love feels.
  • Devoted Conversations | Right Words Wrongly Applied – I think it is important for us to realize that even though we can have the best of intentions for people we love sometimes we can do more harm than good.
  • Don | It Sucks Living In A World Where You’re Not Needed – Here’s one reason, of many, why I want out: I feel like I’m living in a world where I’m no longer needed. And where I feel easily replaceable.
  • Faith, Fiction, FriendsPerseverance, Nor Patience – This isn’t patience. This is perseverance. This is hanging on by your fingernails, and they’re breaking apart.
  • Faith, Fiction, Friends | Coloring Inside The Lines – They think they’re dealing with the guy who always wants to color outside the lines; what they don’t see is that the lines have changed.
  • Flickers of a Faithful FireFly | my shirt – I live and hurt and wonder about the God I’ve heard of and the people who help in His name – will they find me?
  • For This Is The Time | I Never Knew You – Where Can We Find Christ? – What if each of those hurting children is Christ incarnate? Would we look at Him straight in the face and say, “here, have the scraps”?
  • Goins, Writer | Rules, Discipline, and the Paradox of Creativity – At some point in every artist’s life, you see how rules must be broken and the system bucked in order for the art to be preserved.
  • His Loving Embrace | The Socialite – Truth be told, I was a religious socialite, always dressing myself in all the latest to-do fashion doing the religious rounds. But, no matter how much I flirted, I was always empty; devoid of life, true Life!
  • Holy Soup | What You Can’t Say at Church – Some leaders say the conversation takes place–not in the worship service, but in classes and small groups. That’s good. But most people do not make it past the worship service.
  • Hutch Inspired | Real men have friends – Family, church and work environments provided places that I could successfully hide in the open.
  • Internet Monk | The Homily – As the doors are opened, the man in charge says, “You don’t have to be homeless to eat here, just hungry.”
  • Internet Monk | The Impious Pastor – Most people struggle with knowing how to accept people who are different, those who are on the fringes of societal acceptability. She, on the other hand, struggles with accepting people who wear Dockers and eat at Applebee’s.
  • Jane Friedman | A Call to Disarm Technology & Hype (And Boost Your Writing Productivity) – Stop the hype. Please. Your sanity and mine are at stake. And maybe the future of our writing.
  • Jennifer Dukes Lee | Some Gospel Truth For Anyone Who’s a Bit of a Mess – Help us remember that we’re not defined by what has happened in our darkest hours, our darkest years, or in the darkest rooms.
  • Jumping Tandem | Meet the ICU: An Introduction – The bottom line is that churches are filled with people and people have baggage.
  • Lifeway News | Half of evangelicals believe prayer can heal mental illness – But he worries some Christians see mental illness as a character flaw rather than a medical condition.
  • Lisa Notes | Follow Me – We make it harder for new people to desire or to be able to enter in. We roadblock the Spirit in paths he’s ready to work in us.
  • Living Between The LinesSometimes, We Are Wrong… – I want to be healed, and I want to carry healing to others, as well.
  • Living The Story | Trustworthy And True – I don’t know much about heaven, but I do know such a place exists because Jesus promised.
  • Lori’s Prayer Closet | Our Hope Is In The Lord – Looking around at our world today, it would be easy to cave in, to despair. To forget that there is still so much good.
  • Mick Silva Editing | Pursuing Suffering…or Why I Hate Writing – To some Christians the idea of safety is so accepted, faith itself is called into question.
  • Michelle DeRusha | She Bought Him Shoes – Sixty-four crayons and a stack of new coloring books would have been nice. But Pedro needed shoes.
  • Nance.mdr | Exile – Homeless believer, find here a home.
  • Out of My Alleged Mind | What a Long, Strange Writing Trip It’s Been – I have spent many years trying things and learning there are many at which I’m not especially good.
  • Peaceably Sown | Alone Is Easier – All through school I had varying levels of bullies that made my life hell.
  • Quiet Reflections | Suffering Brings Growth – I can’t help but think of the increasing hostility toward God here in America and I am forced to ask myself. What if the gospel is preached? The true gospel.
  • Ragamuffin Soul | My 36 Hours As An Atheist – And I realized all that other stuff I was carrying around and calling my “faith” was actually someone else’s faith. Not mine.
  • Rebooting Worship | My Starved Imagination – Sadly, I walk right by every blossom and every withering, too self-absorbed to truly take it in and see God.
  • Red Letter Believers | Don’t Miss This Moment – There are other moments, singular minutes that should have meant something, but they passed me by because I was busy, or distracted, or disinterested.
  • red van ramblingsWho can you trust in the fire? – Be still and know and trust and listen for His voice.
  • Reflections From The Alley | The Importance Of Learning To Enjoy The Process Of Becoming – I don’t know about you, but I want to be more: more of what God wants me to be, more of who I’m destined to be.
  • Resurrected Living | Thy Will Be Done – We also discover that we cannot baptize our own will and call it God’s, but that we must learn God’s will and make it our own.
  • Sandra Heska King | i want to be a stripper – No, I want to be stripped before God and transparent to those around me. Not afraid to expose scars. Not afraid to reveal where I still hurt and struggle.
  • Sheila Seiler Lagrand | Dancing Shoes – These battered old shoes that you would root out of your child’s closet and toss in the trash?
  • SimplyDarlene | Whatever You Do Today – “Well, have you ever heard it mentioned in the Bible that we should do all of our work as unto the Lord?”
  • Skyebox | The Case Against Righteous Anger – Bullies always justify their actions by listing their good intentions. That’s why the road to hell is paved with them.
  • Struggle To Victory | The Importance of Structure – In fact, structure is so important that God’s Word exists to provide us with a guide around which we can structure our living.
  • The American Jesus | What If We’re The Ones That Need Saving? – It was there we encountered a sacramental moment of unexpected grace.
  • The Prodigal Thought | Junia Is Not Alone – Who has heard many teachings and sermons on Huldah or Phoebe or Priscilla or Mary (the mother of Jesus) or Anna or the enigmatic Junia?
  • The Scenic Route | Starting Over And Helping Others – “Always more fun to help change someone elses life than obsessing about your own.”
  • The Seeking Pastor | A Time to Cry – God, however, had different plans. Instead of preaching, I spent most of the service crying.
  • The Suko Family | Yes, We’re Leaving! – Question: If you had to leave your home and live out of one suitcase for one year what would you NOT leave behind?
  • The Bearded Idealist | Man Speak – All the while, they were still sure about what made them men, and confident in their standing.
  • The Wellspring | Pep Rally – But these little things? They are the things that keep the world spinning.
  • There Go I – Junior’s Debut – In the midst of real life and all the stress and struggle that accompanies it, we find small blessings and treasures in the humblest of origins and settings.
  • Tithe(H)acker | Why You Should Chooose To Be Wealthy – Granted, there are some things that are out of our control but we do choose our reactions to them.
  • TrailReflections | What You Despise & Why It Matters – I remain frustrated with millions of people across this nation who are disengaged from life and their callings, especially those who profess to follow Christ.
  • Tweetspeakpoetry | Poets and Poems: Patricia Smith – You feel these poems, and they can be a transformative experience.
  • Wisdom of a Fool | The JOY Before Him… – It wasn’t simply for LIFE after DEATH that Christ endured the cross with JOY, it was for YOU and for ME!
  • Wise Hearted | Genesis Three – This is where my breathe was taken from me as I watch the best illustration of Genesis 3.

What – you’re still here? Go home and read – I can’t keep the internet open all night just for you, can I…oh – wait – I don’t have that…nevermind. :-D

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      Blogosphere – like atmosphere – all around us, but Cyberia? Where we live :D

      The term isn’t original with me, I don’t believe – but you are more than welcome to steal it :D

  1. smoothstones says

    I think it’s great. Also, you seem called to do it, which means you’re doing the right thing in doing it. It shouldn’t be about much else.

  2. Hazel Moon says

    I love your lists because there are so many writers that normally I do not come in contact with. I must say your reading must cover so many subjects, and although many are struggling with health, questions about changes in career, there is hope found in each and every post. Thank you for including me.

  3. says

    I wish I could read as widely and across Cyberia as you do. Thank you for sharing my post–and all these others, many of which I’ve missed. What you do here is a beautiful encouragement and way for us to all grow together.

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    Rick, you are a terrific neighbor here in virtual reality. Thanks so much for the work you do in introducing us to one another. Connecting tissue, joints and ligaments that hold the body together–almost sounds like a biblical calling, doesn’t it? Blessings.

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    Hi, Rick. Here we are again, hangin’ out at your place on Saturday. I took a short-cut through your backyard. I thought you wouldn’t mind. So…ooh, who brought the pizza?

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      I like them myself – some of the more interesting ones I’ve seen make me laugh; rage against the minivan being one title that I’ve seen but haven’t visited yet.

      More than welcome for the mention, Dave!

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    Wow, Rick. I have a list of links to sites only. But to create a list like this ever week? That takes a lot of effort and commitment. Good work and thanks for including my site and post on your list.

    • says

      Dan, I got the idea from a post I saw at Jason’s blog, and has sort of spiraled out of control :)

      It is fun connecting people who follow Christ – just a bit crazy on Fridays :D

  7. Sarah Wolfe says

    Rick…saw your post on Michael’s blog and wandered over. Glad I did!! Already inspired by one article (Jane Friedman), I’ll return with a cup of coffee and read more as I have the chance…great stuff.