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radar controlAs promised, this week’s edition of the shortcuts is completely different. My schedule in the off-line world did take a shift, and with it my available time to read blog after blog after blog – which, don’t get me wrong, I plan on doing, but the pace had to take a dramatic hit. I decided, since I was making a change for the week, to make this one markedly different from what I’ve done so far. None of the usual suspects are here this week; all of these fine bloggers, brothers and sisters in Christ are still writing, and all will re-appear here soon.

This week the list of links is a lot shorter, with no pull quotes, and they are mostly longer articles, but well worth your time.

May God continue to bless all of you, and thanks for stopping in.

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    Nance – for me, Lewis’s analogy worked as well as any other model I could think of at the time I first read it, and I still think, for many people who come to the church with no background or history in any of the denominations whatsoever, a time of waiting, reading, studying is crucial. I’ve attended services at a *real* wide variety of denominations. Some traditions of worship I’m comfortable with, others not so much, but it isn’t supposed to be about my comfort level but whether or not holiness and truth are being revealed.

    I think there probably are a lot more home church groups than ever get written about. As a matter of fact, there’s going to be an article on real small church here shortly. :)

    Thanks for popping over!
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      i’m thinking then, that quite possibly one could enter a door and think that they are in a room, when actually they are in another hall. then there are the times that the hall is actually a room.

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        Doors, rooms and halls are confusing metaphors in some ways. If the main hall is Christianity, and each door is labeled as a denomination, then what you get when you walk through that door is yet another hallway, so yes – you are correct. Off the denominational hall are the local congregations – branch offices. Some stay in better – or at least closer – contact with their doctrinal roots than others.

        Any model breaks down and ceases to be useful past a certain point. In modern language and usage? In your village, or town, or city, there are a number of places to go learn more about this God you’ve been reading about in Scripture. Go to them, and apply Lewis’s test to them – is holiness to be found here? Is it all law and rules and dry and dessicated and dead, or is there signs of the living, regenerate spirit in the lives of the people there? Is there love? Easier to talk about then to experience sometimes.

        Go by the Spirit.
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